Do we need closure after a relationship ends?

When the relationship turns sour and you both finally call it quits, is it advisable to try and get an explanation from your partner or just let ‘sleeping dogs lie’?

Do we need closure after a relationship ends?
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Do we need closure after a relationship ends?

Sometimes relationships, like all other good things, come to an end, and the partner calls it quits without giving you a concrete reason or closure.

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Breakups hurt

Most of us have had really bad breakups, and in the days that follow afterwards, we may choose to never speak with our previous partner again, but this requires a lot of effort on our part.

There are several reasons why couples break up. It could be that the relationship was quite casual and not meant to last, it could stem from irreconcilable differences or even cases as severe as physical and mental abuse.

The sad part about being in love or having feelings for someone is that it doesn’t just go away, even after all the wrong the person did or after all the hurt you experienced in the relationship. It takes time to fully heal from that situation.

This is the reason why some find it hard to stay away from their exes, because they don’t want to believe that the person really ended communication with them without any explanation.

For some, they feel like they have been ‘used and dumped’ just because the relationship did not go according to the way they envisioned it, but do you really need to get a memo from your partner before you decide to move on?

Moving on

Ideally, being told by the person you loved or had a casual relationship with that they are done with the relationship is the right thing to do.

However, this doesn’t happen for several reasons, some partners may be scared of how you would react, some others are just bad at communicating too. Whatever the reason might be, it is imperative that you do not hold on to the person demanding an explanation.

If you keep on doing that, they may eventually sue you for harassment. It will be hard and certainly difficult to find someone else or so it may seem, but the truth is, you will be fine eventually.

Love yourself and be grateful for the ability to keep loving despite the situation. Try to keep your focus on other things that make you happy asides this person. In due time, you will transcend from the hurt you felt into a stronger person. You have to make it a responsibility to be the author of your happiness, you owe yourself that much, move on and let go.

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