Relationships: The Mental And Physical Impact Of Staying In A Toxic Relationship

A romantic relationship should be made the most of. Your body, mind and heart are talking to you and you have to learn to listen to them. That’s why you have to make sure you understand some of these physical symptoms that show your relationship could be toxic.

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‘The heart has its reasons that reason ignores’ as the thinker Blaise Pascal wrote. But don’t forget your body that is intrinsically linked to your mental state.

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For some people who are in a toxic relationship, their bodies can react and show signs of this toxicity. We don’t always realize it, but our bodies physically let us know what we’re subconsciously thinking.

The American therapist Shannon Thomas revealed to Insider that a lot of her patients that are in toxic relationships develop symptoms that medicine can’t explain.

1 – Feeling exhausted

An unhealthy relationship can cause you to feel fatigued so that you end up feeling constantly exhausted.

2 – Developing auto-immune conditions

Swelling, muscle pains, skin problems that don’t have any medical causes are actually due to a toxic environment.

3 – Digestion and hormonal problems

Shannon Thomas explains that these problems are caused because of all the stress, cortisol and adrenaline being held within the body.

4 – Memory problems and finding it difficult to express yourself

All this is linked to issues with concentration when your relationship is cumbersome and omnipresent.

So, you have to try to listen to your body and not just ignore or shrug off these signs.

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