These are the 4 most emotional zodiac signs

Do you know people who can cry on cue and are big softies or are you one of them? Chances are it’s because of your zodiac sign!

These are the 4 most emotional zodiac signs
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These are the 4 most emotional zodiac signs

If you tend to be an enthusiastic sponge, or if you find yourself crying over videos of adorable dogs and unexpected proposals in your free time, there may be a reason why you find it difficult to contain your emotions. You are more than simply an empath! You're probably one of the zodiac signs who are the most emotional, according to Bustle.

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The least likely sign on this list to appear to be sensitive is Aquarius because they don't really exude the same warm, fuzzy feelings as Pisces do. People sometimes perceive Aquarians as emotionless and robotic because they have a tendency to build an emotional barrier between themselves and the outside world to feel comfortable and secure. However, Aquarians build that emotional wall only to safeguard their delicate inner world.

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Pisces have no fear of feeling things and tend to almost overdo it. They put all of their emotions on display and take in all the feelings of the people around them, often to their own disadvantage. Their high sensitivity to emotions, lets them feel both the joyous and terrible feelings that life has to offer in extremes. They just have to be sure to keep those who don't have their best interests in mind out of your energy.


Although on the outside they may appear to be very tough and fierce, they are actually a highly sensitive and emotional person. They frequently respond swiftly during heated debates. Aries may appear to be pretty independent, yet they are someone who will go to a room and cry after an argument or when they feel disappointed.

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Outright the most emotional of all zodiac signs, Cancers are a unique combination of sensitive and strong. They are usually the mother of the group. Beyond simply their own feelings, cancers are like a giant ball of emotions. They worry about how other people will react when presented with difficulties or unfavourable situations and are more emotionally reactive than practically any other sign of the zodiac. Cancers are compassionate to the suffering of others.

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