These zodiac signs are the most intuitive

Intuition is a superpower, and these signs can wield this unique ability for good.

These are the most intuitive zodiac signs
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These are the most intuitive zodiac signs

Few things feel better than having your gut feel prove itself to be right. For some zodiac signs, this happens all the time! For the rest of the zodiac, learning to trust your gut and understanding what it tells you can be a lifelong struggle. However, for some signs, it comes as naturally to them as the sun rises, making them formidable forces. After all, you wouldn't always want them able to see right through you!

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Here are the most intuitive signs:


You may be shocked to find this analytical earth sign on this list, but as uber-intuitive Pisces’s sister sign, it comes as no surprise! Since they’re always thinking of the most efficient way to do anything, they have unmatched powers of observation, says Christine Schoenwald for YourTango. That is why they’ll notice the smallest smiles or quirks in your eyebrow, knowing that you’re feeling much more than you’re letting on!


Water signs are exceptionally in tune with their gut, and Scorpios are no different. They’re human lie detectors, according to YourTango, and they always know when something is going on beneath the surface. They’re the masters of mystery, so they can easily tell when someone is trying to hide something about themselves.

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Pisces is one of the most creative signs in the zodiac, and naturally, that means they take their inspiration from their intuition, says YourTango. They do what their gut tells them to, which is why it can feel eerie when they pick up on your mood even when you’ve done your best to hide it. They are also especially sensitive, so they can even tell when something is about to happen!


The caretakers of the zodiac, they’re built to know what their loved ones need, which is why they are strongly connected to their inner voices, observes YourTango. They are also highly aware of what they are feeling, allowing them to help others name the turbulent emotions they’re grappling with! That can also be why people are at ease when confiding in a Cancer, as they have a natural sympathy that helps people feel heard and understood.

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