Council tax scrapped for this group of people, find out if it includes you

Care leavers are to benefit from a 100% reduction in council tax in an effort to support their first years living out of the system.

Council tax exemption UK 18 to 25 year old care leavers
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Council tax exemption UK 18 to 25 year old care leavers

Many people are struggling this year as the cost of living crisis means wages don’t go as far as they used to. One group of people who were already faced with extra challenges before the crisis hit will now be exempt from paying council tax.

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According to, the council tax in England is set to increase by 5.1% in the coming year:

The average Band D council tax set by local authorities in England for 2023-24 will be £2,065, which is an increase of £99 or 5.1% on the 2022-23 figure of £1,966. This includes all precepts including adult social care and parish precepts.

Who will benefit from the council tax exemption?

A Devon council has agreed to scrap council tax for people who have left the care system. The scheme will support care leavers from 18 up to the age of 25. The North Devon Council of Teignbridge has decided that care leavers won’t have to pay council tax once they move out of care and start building a life of their own.

The Teignbridge Council has said that this falls under their goal of being ‘corporate parents’ for young people in or leaving care. The council will also offer free subscriptions to pools, gyms, classes, and saunas to this group of individuals, and they will be provided with more work experience opportunities.

The council will use about £6,000 for this programme until March 2024, when the cost will be absorbed by the overall council tax collection fund.

‘Keep on Caring’ scheme

This initiative has taken place in other places in the UK as well, where it has been supported by local authorities. It will come into effect later this month, as part of a wider effort to offer more support to care leavers once they are out of the system. The scheme is called ‘Keep on Caring’.

Wales already has a similar system in place. In 2019, all young individuals leaving the care system were exempt from paying council tax as they started managing their own finances for the first time. This programme is expected to impact 830 care leavers by the end of 2023.

It was David Worden, Lib Dem councillor for South Molton, who proposed that Devon follow Wales’ example. He has said it’s a ‘really good scheme’:

It is a very difficult time for young people who leave their care provision and become independent.

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