Google warns millions of Android users to delete these apps today

These apps may be lurking in your android phone, here’s what to look out for.

Google application android warning
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Google application android warning

We are all hoarders of something or another: be it your wardrobe, unknown cables for machines you don’t own, or applications that accumulate on your phone. If that last one chimes for you, and you own an android phone, listen to this warning

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Security experts at Dr Web say they have discovered a dozen dodgy apps that have slipped through Google’s strict process and ended up on the Play Store. Over a million people have since downloaded these apps and are dealing with the consequences. Let’s get into the reason behind the warnings and which applications you should watch out for.

What these applications do

The warning has been issued because these applications infect your phone with adware - software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material when you are online. Not only is this annoying, it can also allow fraudsters to make a lot of money, experts explain.

Lastly, your phone will become clogged up with all of these adverts that you never even agreed to see in the first place. So, as well as physically cleaning your phone, you should be digitally wiping it too.Let’s have a look at the apps to watch out for.

The apps to look for and delete

This latest attack, according to Daily Record, is causing concern in particular because of the sheer number of times these apps have been downloaded. Furthermore, scammers are using especially complex tactics and covering their tracks.

Some of the apps have been installed on as many as 500,00 devicesand some of them come with clever hacks to avoid being detected on your phone - and therefore avoid being deleted.

The apps have now been banned, but Google is urging users to check for them and delete them if found. You should also keep an eye out for dangerous investment scams and dodgy casino sites that these apps lead you to.

Here are the names of the apps to look out for:

• Super Skibydi Killer – 1,000,000 downloads

• Agent Shooter – 500,000

• Rainbow Stretch – 50,000

• Rubber Punch 3D – 500,000

• Eternal Maze (Yana Pospyelova) – 50,000

• Jungle Jewels (Vaibhav Wable) – 10,000

• Stellar Secrets (Pepperstocks) – 10,000

• Fire Fruits (Sandr Sevill) – 10,000

• Cowboy's Frontier (Precipice Game Studios) – 10,000

• Enchanted Elixir (Acomadyi) – 10,000

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