Silica gel packets have this handy use, don't throw them away

Most of us toss the silica gel packets that come with new items, but it turns out you should really hang on to them.

never throw away silica gel packets
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never throw away silica gel packets

Christmas has been and gone, and for a lot of people that means gifts have been given and received. Now we are settling into the new year, and the January sales are upon us. What does this mean? Well, a whole lof of shopping - with much of it done online.

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And what happens when you buy a new bag or new shoes? You tear open the packaging, toss the silica gel packet to the side, and admire your brand new addition to the wardrobe. But opening a new package should unfold this way...

To toss or not toss your silica packets

You tear open the packaging, admire your brand new purchase, and safely stow your silica gel packet in a place where your pets or kids can’t rip it apart. You’ll likely see DO NOT EAT sprawled across the packet, but it turns out silica isn't actually poisonous on its own - the warning is more about the choking hazard posed by the little bags.

Uses for silica packets

Firstly, what is silica? PackagingBrands, a consortium which analyses the European industrial packaging market, explains:

Silica gel is essentially a form of sand (silicon dioxide) which is able to absorb up to 40% of its mass in water.

Indeed, these little sachets can benefit you in a crazy number of ways! For example, if your phone gets a bit wet, place it in a zip-lock bag and surround it with silica gel packets. You won’t be able to take it out for 24 hours (you can survive), but the packets work to combat moisture.

They are also very handy to combat bad smells when materials stay damp for a while. We know rice can help with this, too. But if you’re going on a camping trip or a vacation somewhere, it’s definitely easier (and lighter) to bring silica gel packets along rather than a kilogram of rice.

How else can silica gel packets benefit you? Well, they can help to combat the stale, old-clothes smell that tends to take over some seasonal clothing drawers. Want to know more fun facts about how silica gel packets can help you out with little things around your home? Take a look at our video above!

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This Is Why You Should Never Throw Away Those Little Packets Of Silica Gel This Is Why You Should Never Throw Away Those Little Packets Of Silica Gel