Artificial Intelligence is having a big impact on jobs in the UK, but not in the way you think

Artificial intelligence is growing quickly and that can be seen in the rapid increase of demand for AI-related skills in the job market.

AI job market
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AI job market

The introduction of AI tools like Chat GPT has pushed the world of efficiency forward. However, it also made way for worries that some jobs may become obsolete as the technology advances. According to new research, adjustments will need to happen. The nature of job postings in the UK has incrementally begun to change as demand grows for AI-focused labour. According to Thomson Reuters, 27% of job listings in the UK now require AI skills. This means AI has already begun changing the job market in an unprecedented way and that it will continue to do so.

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The great replacement?

Since their infancy, there were worries that generative tools like GPT and Bard could be replacing many jobs down the line. And while that remains a possibility, there is still a long road ahead. Companies might not replace entire positions through AI but they will surely chase a boost in efficiency if those positions are capable of leveraging this tool to increase output. This seems to be the case already as Thomson Reuters surveyed 148 tech executives in the US, UK, and Canada, and ‘91% said their companies now use generative AI tools or are planning to do so’. In essence, while the skills required for certain positions will still be essential, the ability to work with AI tools will certainly become a requirement for many candidates in the coming years.

A new frontier

According to Marie Alice Vuicic, chief people officer at Thomson Reuters, new positions will also need to be created to ‘properly integrate technology and human work’ and to ‘rapidly train and develop people for the work humans are uniquely positioned to do’. Establishing systems to help the workforce adapt to the new nature of their jobs will be essential steps companies have to take in order to keep up with the competition.

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