Royal expert says Prince Harry losing court battle for security in the UK could impact Archie and Lilibet

Prince Harry has been fighting to regain his security when he visits the UK. However, courts have ruled against him. What does this mean for Archie and Lilibet?

Prince Harry loses court security Archie Lilibet
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Prince Harry loses court security Archie Lilibet

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit the Royal Family in 2020 and moved to the US with their son Archie. Since then, the couple has welcomed another child, Lilibet and have rarely visited the UK.

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Prince Harry had been in court to fight the decision that his security was revoked when he stepped down as a working Royal four years ago. It was announced on February 28, 2024, that Prince Harry lost his case and his security will not be reinstated.

The Duke of Sussex, who recently changed Archie and Lilibet’s surname, is now requesting the name of the government official who decided to downgrade his police protection. As we have a look at the court decision, what does this mean for Prince Harry, Meghan and their children?

Prince Harry loses court case for security in the UK

As reported by Mirror, Prince Harry lost his court case to regain police protection while in the UK. When Prince Harry and Meghan decided to step down as working Royals in 2020, they were told they would not receive the ‘same degree’ of protection as King Charles, Queen Camilla,Prince William and Princess Kate, who is currently recovering from surgery.

Instead, they were offered the same protection as less senior Royals such as Princess Anne and Prince Edward, who has recently resumed royal duties after a short break.

As per Daily Mail, Prince Harry’s argument for more security was that even though he was not a ‘frontline’ Royal, he still faced threats due to still being in the line of succession to the throne. Despite Prince Harry’s claim, the court ruled against him.

As a result, the Duke of Sussex is now asking for the name of the person responsible for downgrading his Home Office police protection.

How will the court ruling affect Archie and Lilibet?

Another reason Prince Harry was asking for extra security in the UK was for his children. Indeed, the Duke of Sussex had previously argued that his children, Archie and Lilibet, couldn’t ‘feel at home’ in the UK if they were unable ‘to keep them safe’.

As the court decision sinks in for Prince Harry, it raises the question of what will it mean for Archie and Lilibet. Royal expert Tessa Dunlop explained that the chances of Prince Harry bringing his family to the UK are even less likely now that he lost his case.

She explained, as per Mirror:

However, with the Sussexes’ security concerns rejected by the court, more frequent reunions with the Prince and his young family now look less likely.

She added that King Charles will likely take this as a blow too as his chances of spending time with his grandchildren will be limited:

Charles, a loving man, has scarcely so much as glimpsed Archie and Lilibet, and despite warmer relations between father and son, once more the machinations of state affairs have got in the way.

Prince Harry has not visited the UK with his children since Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in June 2022.

Dunlop also added that any chances of reconciliation between Prince Harry and his father, King Charles are slimmer as he won’t feel safe in the UK. She told Mirror:

The ruling that they do not require full royal protection will set back the tentative recent efforts at reconciliation between estranged royals.

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