Prince Harry: Why doesn't the Duke stay in Clarence House when he visits the King?

During his express trip from the United States to the UK visit his father King Charles, Prince Harry did not sleep at a royal residence. Meghan Markle's husband spent the night in a hotel, and for a very special reason.

Prince Harry King Charles
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Prince Harry King Charles

For Prince Harry, it was obvious, he had to be there. After all, what kind of son doesn't go to his dad's bedside at a time like this? On Monday 5 February 2024, the British people were shocked by an announcement made by Buckingham Palace about the King's health.

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Reportedly, Prince Harry was contacted directly by the 75-year-old monarch. Therefore, Meghan Markle's husband immediately flew from Los Angeles to be by his side after he began treatments.

Dressed in black, the Prince headed for Clarence House as soon as he arrived on English soil. There, he was received for barely 45 minutes by Camilla Parker Bowles' husband. However, the length of the meeting is debated with some saying 30 minutes while others even say 12. In any which case it's fair to say that it was a very short reunion, even though the father of Lilibet and Archie had just flown eleven hours to make sure everything was fine.

Some experts say that the King delayed his departure for Sandringham as long as possible in order to spend time with his youngest son, while others say that he was anxious to get some peace and quiet away from the capital. In any case, no one imagined that the Duke of Sussex would be packing his bags the very next day.

Prince Harry left London after 24 hours

Prince Harry did not join his father in Norfolk; he spent one night in London and headed for Heathrow airport on Wednesday 7 February 2024 with his return ticket in hand. After his brief meeting with King Charles III, he did not visit any other member of the Royal Family.

With his relationship with Prince William definitively severed, he settled into a hotel. Perhaps he could still have taken advantage of his now empty former home at Frogmore Cottage, but Prince Harry preferred to take a room in an establishment that has nothing to do with the monarchy. And so, for a very specific purpose.

What Prince Harry wanted to prove to the Royal Family

According to the New York Post, Lady Diana's son wanted to show that he could 'stand on his own two feet'. Grant Harrold - who worked for Charles for seven years - told the American publication:

It's strange that he didn't stay in one of the royal residences, because when he was young he obviously had his own room at Clarence House and Highgrove. Maybe it was his way of proving that he's happy to be on his own by taking a hotel.

It's a strange choice for Prince Harry, who has long called on The Firm to protect his wife and two children, whom he does not consider safe in the UK or anywhere else. Harrold continued:

If he stayed in one of the royal residences, the security was already there. If he stayed in a hotel, he had to bring in his own security team.

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