King Charles must say goodbye to his most senior aide due to tradition

Charles has been King for just over a year now, as a result, he must now say goodbye to someone close to him due to an ancestral rule.

King Charles senior aide tradition
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King Charles senior aide tradition

King Charles ascended the throne on September 8, 2022, after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II passed away. King Charles’ coronation occurred on May 6, 2023, alongside Camilla, who became Queen Consort.

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It is known that traditions and rules are a big part of being a member of the Royal Family, for example, boys in the family traditionally only wear shirts until they are 8 years old, however, Prince William and Princess Kate broke this tradition at Christmas, as Prince Louis, 5, was wearing trousers.

Traditions and rules can also apply to the Royal Family’s staff, indeed, King Charles will be forced to say goodbye to someone he is close with very soon.

King Charles’ most senior aide is stepping down

King Charles has many aides, but he does have one who helps him more than others: his Lord Chamberlain. The King’s most senior aide is currently Baron Andrew Parker of Minsmere, who used to be an MI5 spy, sadly for Charles, he will soon have to say goodbye.

Baron Parker was Charles’ aide to help him transition from Prince of Wales to the reigning monarch, as per Express. Tradition means that now the King has fully transitioned, a new Lord Chamberlain is appointed.

As per Express, Baron Parker will continue to help King Charles in an ‘official capacity’ even after he has stepped down as Lord Chamberlain. Lord Parker has been Lord Chamberlain since April 1, 2021, he was originally Queen Elizabeth's Lord Chamberlain, but after her death, he served King Charles to help him transition from Prince to King.

What is the Lord Chamberlain’s job?

The Lord Chamberlain is the most senior officer to the monarch and provides them with advice and support, this makes the job extremely important.

The Lord Chamberlain’s job can include organising the monarch’s ceremonial and public programmes, from overseeing garden parties to state visits.

Baron Parker was the one to ‘break’ his Wand of Office (taking it apart) and place it on Queen Elizabeth’s coffin during her funeral. This is a symbolic gesture that shows the end of his service to Queen Elizabeth.

Baron Parker was also the one to organise Prince Philip’s funeral in 2021, just days after he was appointed to the role. It has not been announced who the next Lord Chamberlain will be.

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