King Charles would never abdicate: 'He’s got a lot more to do to’ claims royal expert

After the shocking revelation that Queen Margrethe II of Denmark was abdicating, some may be wondering if King Charles will follow suit. A royal expert shares their opinion.

King Charles would never abdicate
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King Charles would never abdicate

In a shocking way to start the year, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark announced on December 31, 2023, in her annual New Year's Eve speech that she would be abdicating. From January 14, she will no longer be Queen, and her son, Crown Prince Frederik will become King.

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Queen Margrethe II is currently 83, giving her age as one of the reasons for her abdication. Naturally, some people are now wondering whether or not King Charles, who is currently 75, will abdicate eventually as well, leaving his place to his eldest son, Prince William. A royal expert has voiced their opinion on the subject.

Would King Charles abdicate?

As reported by Express, King Charles would not abdicate like Queen Margrethe II. Kinsey Schofield, a US-based Royal Family expert told GB News that the King still has a lot he wants to accomplish as King.

According to Kinsey Schofield, King Charles is trying his best to not be remembered for his failed relationship with Princess Diana and instead, to be remembered for his environmental work and his projects with young people.

She told GB News:

When it comes to King Charles, I just don’t think he’s made his mark on the world yet - the mark that he wants to leave. He’s got a lot more to do to make sure the legacy he leaves is one that he is proud of and can control.

She added that King Charles would want to be remembered for his charities like The Prince’s Trust and all the work he does for the environment:

He wants us to talk about the Prince's Trust and he wants us to talk about his stamp on environmental issues and how he was talking about it before everybody else.

King Charles isn’t the most popular Royal

Kinsey Schofield explains that she truly believes that King Charles won’t abdicate, at least ‘anytime soon’ but does think that the King wouldn’t be impressed that people are talking about his abdication after only being King for just over a year:

I would never say never, it’s certainly not going to happen anytime soon. I highly doubt he appreciates us talking about it so soon after him finally becoming king.

In a recent YouGov survey, King Charles is only voted as the sixth most-liked member of the Royal Family, beaten by his son and daughter-in-law, Prince William and Princess Kate. Princess Charlotte, William and Kate’s daughter is proving to be rather popular as she attends more and more public events.

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