As winter sets in, be sure to check your car to avoid £100 fine

It is officially winter hours as the clocks have gone back, which means it gets darker earlier, which can make driving harder. Be sure to check your car to avoid a £100 fine.

As winter sets in, be sure to check your car to avoid £100 fine
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As winter sets in, be sure to check your car to avoid £100 fine

The clocks have officially gone back, meaning that the days are becoming shorter as the weather gets colder. Now that it can start to get dark as early as 3:30 p.m. in the UK, driving can become more dangerous.

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Indeed according to the Daily Record, the search for ‘driving in the dark’ has gone up by 56% compared to the month of September. But don’t worry, an expert has offered his advice on what to do if you need to drive in the dark. One of his tips can save you from getting a £100 fine.

Get to know your car

This tip may seem obvious to some, but as the darkness approaches, it’s a good idea to reacquaint yourself with your car, mainly how your car’s headlights work.

Driving expert from Motorpoint Tim Rodie explained that just taking a few minutes to remember how to turn your headlights on can save you stress whilst out driving.

He told Birgham Live:

There are a few things all motorists should do ahead of the clocks going back to make sure they feel as confident as possible on the roads.
It might seem obvious but spending five minutes making sure you know how to turn your headlights can avoid a lot of stress.

He also reminds drivers what type of headlights to use whilst driving:

You need to be using your dipped or ‘regular’ headlights as dusk approaches – probably from about 3.30 pm onwards after the clocks go back, to help make you more visible against the low sun.

Make sure all your lights are working

Another important tip Tim Rodie gives is to make sure that all of your car’s lights are working. All you need to do is turn your car on, step out and go around to see if all of the headlights shine like they are supposed to.

While refamiliarising yourself with how your headlights work is important, motorists also need to be checking that no bulbs need replacing.

He explained that not only does it help you see better, but it also lets other drivers see you better. Moreover, if one of your headlights isn’t working, you could get a £100 fine and 3 points on your license:

Driving with only one working headlight not only reduces your visibility but will also make it harder for other motorists to see you.
Not to mention, if you’re pulled over by the police with only one headlight, you can expect a £100 fine and three points on your license.

The same applies to your indicator lights. To check, simply turn your hazard lights on and see if all of them are blinking.

What to do when visibility is low?

Tim Rodie also gives drivers advice on what to do if you have really bad visibility while driving. His main advice is to find a point of focus and make sure you can see the white lines along the side of the road:

Knowing the best place to focus your eyes can be useful and prevent you from being dazzled. Where you can, I’d recommend keeping your eyes well ahead and making sure you can see the white line markings out to the left-hand edge of the road.

He emphasizes that if you are struggling to drive, it’s okay to slow down, he adds that other drivers are experiencing the same conditions.

If you’re still struggling, it’s important to slow down to stay safe. Keep in mind that other road users are experiencing the same conditions as you, so don’t rush, be patient and give people plenty of space

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