Husky survives dramatic landslide in stroke of luck

Sometimes both animals and people experience the greatest joys from great tragedy - this is what happened recently to Rio the husky.

 Husky survives dramatic landslide in stroke of luck
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Husky survives dramatic landslide in stroke of luck

According to, the origins of the Siberian Husky can be guessed from its name - they are dogs that were used as sled dogs in Siberia. The native nomadic people have bred these hardy animals for many centuries.

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The sociable husky

'The Siberian husky is a dog breed known for its sociable and sporty nature', continues. Thesedogs are considered friendly, gentle and affectionate towards people, which makes them dislike being alone. They prefer to be always in company and like to accompany their owners everywhere.

So does the adorable dog Rio, a husky. He andhis owner Dín Medina Torres from Peru like to experience exciting adventurestogether in the great outdoors, according to The Dodo magazine. Recently, however, they were surprised by a dangerous landslide while hiking in the Peruvian mountains.

Luck in misfortune

Torres and Rio discovered a clearing overlooking the valley during the hike when suddenly the ground gave way under Rio's paws. Despite Torres' shouting, Rio could not escape in time and was swept away by a mudslide putting them in a life-threatening situation!

But to everyone's relief, the animal miraculously survivedthe incident, according to The Dodo. Although it took a while to make contact with the animal, the family confirmed that Rio suffered only minor injuries.

Torres and Rio will continue to hike but with more caution. They consider Rio's survival a great stroke of luck and even enjoyed reporting on this dangerous excursion after the fact.

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