You should be avoiding these popular food combinations, as per experts

Your favourite breakfast foods might really not go together. Get ready to have your mind blown!

avoid eating eggs with hot coffee for breakfast
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avoid eating eggs with hot coffee for breakfast

This year, there have been a lot of viral weird recipes that people have gone crazy over. Some strange food combination to take the Internet by storm include sushi and pizza, cottage cheese cookie dough and even a recipe that mixes butter with vodka.

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While these recipes might shock you, you would be even more surprised to learn that a lot of standard food combos you might be eating, and loving, should actually be avoided.

Yes, as reported by Huffington Post, you should actually keep away from even popular food combos like eggs with coffee!

Here are the food combinations you should avoid as per the experts at Prepped Pots.

Eggs and coffee

This might be very shocking for you but you should not be having your eggs and coffee at the same time. This is because although eggs are rich in nutrients such as iron, coffee or tea could actually prevent your body from properly absorbing all the iron from eggs.

So to get the best out of your egg consumption, you should wait at least at hour before having tea or coffee.

Some seemingly no brainer food combos might actually be doing more harm than good for our bodies.  Louis Hansel

Pizza and carbonated drinks

Although this combination is one of the best things to have with friends or on a Friday night, its actually not advisable to have both soda and pizza together.

On one hand, pizza is made of refined carbs, and on the other hand, fizzy drinks are usually full of sugar. The combination causes a dramatic increase in your blood sugar levels, and can also leave you feeling bloated, while your digestive system could also be negatively affected.

Fruits and cereals

There is a big difference in digestion time for fruits and grains, which is what many cereals are made of. Eating fruits and cereal together could thus, be hard on your digestive system.

Eggs and meat

This might seem like a harmless combo, but actually the fact that both of these foods are so protein-rich can lead you to have too much protein. This could lead to your stomach feeling bad after a meal with eggs and meat.

It has to be noted however, there is no specific scientific consensus yet on whether these combinations are just not complementary or they are actively harmful for our bodies and digestive systems.

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