This is why you should keep a bar of soap by your bedside

There is an important reason why some experts are advising us to sleep with a bar of soap on our night stand.

bar of soap by your bed
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bar of soap by your bed

The importance of a good night's sleep cannot be over-stated. So integral is sleep to our life, that the side of the bed you sleep on can even reveal important things about you.

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While bed rotting is becoming a wellness trend for some. For others, experts have advised on good habits to practice for good sleep, such as to only wear clean socks to bed or what to never eat before bed.

And now, as reported by House Digest, you should add another habit to this list, and this one will leave you stunned. You should keep a bar of soap on your bedside table. Read on to find out why.

Why keep soap on your nightstand?

Keeping soap in your bedroom can help in deterring insects and pests from entering your room. This is also a harmless way of keeping spiders away, so you can have your night rest without any intrusive worries.

Some people claim soap helps them get better sleep Aurélia Dubois

Of course, the kind of soap you use is also key here. For example, soap with citronella oil can be very effective in repelling bugs. Again, soap with coconut or eucalyptus oil can also fulfil the same functions effectively.

All you need to do is place a bar of soap on your night stand or even in your mattress. If you want to keep insects away from your wardrobe, you can also put bar of soap there.

It can also help with better sleep

As per Good Housekeeping, some people believe that, placing a bar of soap under your covers could even lead to better sleep. They quote Dr. Mehmet Oz who says,

I know this sounds crazy, but people put it under their sheets. We think the lavender is relaxing and maybe itself beneficial.

Some experts believe that soap in your bed can even help with restless leg syndrome. This theory is based on anecdotal evidence, and there is no scientific study yet that proves soap can lead to better sleep.

The report also adds that you should definitely monitor your overall health, apart from trying these easy no-harm hacks for any sleep-related issues.

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