The top 3 most disappointing food items of 2023

It's the end of the year, and people are sharing their worst food regrets!

top 3 most disappointing food items of 2023
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top 3 most disappointing food items of 2023

This year came with a lot of highs and lows for food lovers. On one hand, we have been horrified by revelations about fast-food soda fountains and sauce dispensers at fast-food restaurants. Not just that we also learned about foods that can play havoc with your medicine intake.

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Now, at the end of 2023, apart from looking back at what we learnt, we also know more about what foodies hated among the offerings this year.

As reported by Eat This Not That!, Bill Oakley, former head writer and showrunner for 'The Simpsons,' shared his most disappointing grocery item of 2023.

The 2023 Steamie Awards!

Oakley does a (light-hearted) rundown on his social media channel, of all the foods he tried during the year, calling it The Steamie Awards.

As per his assessment, the title for biggest food disappointment of 2023 goes to White Castle's Cheeseburger Castle Bites.

The is a bite-sized snack made with beef, American Cheese and onions and wrapped in a crispy golden crust. The snack sold on the frozen food aisle, is inspired by the iconic White Castle Burger.

The bite-sized frozen food snack by White caste and Bellisio Foods, failed to impress many Nico Smit

Far from the delicious taste of the sliders they are named after, Oakley states that these cheeseburger bites taste like 'cat food.'

There are also two runner-ups for the most disappointing food items of 2023. The first runner-up is the limited-edition Spicy Jalapeno Pineapple Doritos, while the second runner-up is the TikTok viral Pink Sauce, that took the Internet by storm.

Reactions to the video

There were viewers who agreed with Oakley's assessment. One comment reads,

Cat food! I knew I had a strong dislike when I tried them but could not put my finger (or tastebuds) on why.

Another claims,

Worst thing is at Kroger's the White Castle bites came in like a potato sack. We couldn't get rid of them after eating a handful and disliking them.

However, not everyone agreed fully with the verdict. One person writes,

I love the pineapple jalapeño Doritos. Easily the best I had this year

While another had this to say about the Pink Sauce,

Haven’t tried the rest but that Pink sauce was definitely pretty bad.

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