Coronavirus: top 10 canned foods to stock up on

Find out what the best canned to have at home are and all the possibilities they offer.

Coronavirus: Top 10 Canned Foods To Stock Up On
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Coronavirus: Top 10 Canned Foods To Stock Up On

Due to the current coronavirus epidemic, a lot of people have decided to prepare for the worst by stocking up on goods. Whether it's to prepare for a potential quarantine or to limit trips to public places for groceries or other needs, more and more people are stocking up their food pantries. Is that reassuring or scary? You tell us!

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When you buy in bulk, you can't really rely on fresh products, as their expiration date remains quite short. But there's an alternative: canned food!

Is canned food healthy?

We tend to think that canned food is much worse for health than fresh vegetables, but this isn't necessarily true. In fact, canned foods make it possible to preserve food from bacteria and keep it longer, while also preserving vitamins and other nutrients. Indeed, less time goes by between harvesting and canning, which prevents products (especially vegetables) from losing their nutritional value. So, there's no reason for you to feel guilty about eating canned food, okay?

Top 10 canned foods to have on hand

When you buy canned food, you can use it for a variety of recipes. Here are 10 very practical canned foods to have in your pantry and make delicious food with. Trust us!

  • Tomatoes

Canned tomatoes are very useful for a bunch of recipes. You can use them to make pizza, simmered dishes like chili con carne, exotic curry dishes, gratins or pasta sauces like Bolognese or arrabbiata sauce. It's the must-have canned food!

  • Tuna or sardines

Canned fish such as tuna or sardines are very practical to have in the kitchen. You can use them for appetizer dips, sauces, savoury pies or for a pasta dish.

  • Coconut milk

For both sweet and savoury dishes, coconut milk is very useful and can replace milk and sour cream. You can use it in soups, desserts, smoothies or even casseroles.

  • Chickpeas

Chickpeas are very useful and can be kept in storage for a long time. You can put them in casseroles, soups, make falafel with them or crush them to make hummus. So convenient! You can even use their water, aquafaba, to make a vegan chocolate mousse. Why not try something new?!

  • Olives

Olives, both green and black, can be sprinkled on just about any dish. You can put them in quiches, pizzas, or omelettes, blend them into a tapenade for an appetizer or use them as a base for savoury pies or salads.

  • Condensed milk

Condensed milk is very practical if you have a sweet tooth. Use it in your desserts and yoghurts; it'll give them a smooth and tangy texture. Flan, custard, pancakes... You can have it all!

  • Red beans

Red beans are high-protein and can be stored long after they're cooked, even when if they were initially canned. Use them to make chili con carne, salads or soups.

  • Green beans

High-fibre and very healthy, green beans are excellent for your health. You can keep them for a long time and use them as a garnish for your dishes.

Like most green vegetables, they can be very useful to have on hand to make soups and vegetable fried rice or as a side for meat or fish.

  • Fruits

Canned fruit isn't as good as fresh fruit, but it won't hurt you. You can use it to make a fruit salad, sweet and savoury recipes (eg. pineapple pork ...), in fruit sauces or in smoothies.

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