Top 10 Foods That Contain High Protein

Amongst other things, protein is essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism. Ohmymag shares the top 10 food sources that contain high protein!

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Top 10 Foods That Contain High Protein

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1. Nutritional yeast: Nutritional yeast is a dry inactive yeast that can have various flavours according to its method of manufacture. It is an excellent protein substitute for people adopting a vegan diet because it is a yeast made of microscopic fungi.

2. Parmesan: Parmesan cheese is the richest protein. It is an interesting source of vitamin B12, essential for the synthesis of red blood cells, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) but also for the proper functioning of the immune system.

3. Bindenfleisch: Bindenfleisch is perfect if you follow a low-fat diet: it is a very low-fat source of animal protein. It is also rich in vitamins B3 and B12. Be careful however if you are prone to hypertension because it has a high sodium content.

4 Skimmed milk powder: To enhance your coffee and stock up on protein, opt for skimmed milk powder. It is also rich in calcium, phosphorus, and potassium and has minimal fat.

5. Veal escalope: Veal escalope is ideal if you adopt a high protein diet, either to lose weight or in case of heavy exercise, to avoid muscle wasting. It is indeed very rich in protein, but low in fat and does not contain carbohydrates.

6. Lamb shoulder: Lamb shoulder is indeed rich in protein, provided you consume it roasted. It is also a natural source of vitamin B12.

7. Grilled sardines: If you prefer fish to meat then sardines are your friend! It's rich in protein and vitamin D which is an essential nutrient since it stimulates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, essential for bone mineralisation.

8. Roasted chicken: Just like veal escalope, roast chicken is very rich in protein while not containing carbohydrates and very little fat.

9. Turkey cutlet: This is the best meat to fight against muscle wasting. It contains 30 grams of protein for a portion of 100 grams and only 1.4 grams of fat and no carbohydrates!

10. Wheatgerm: If you want to stock up on protein, choose wheat germ to complement your sweet and savoury salads and natural yoghurts. Much better for you than sugar!

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