Eating these 7 foods can make your nails grow faster and stronger

Wondering how to make your nails grow naturally without using extensions to get those perfect looking hands? Here’s what you can do.

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Did you know that most people you meet in life notice how your nails look? It doesn’t only concern your outer beauty but also your hygiene and health. So, when Ludwig Feuerbach said, 'We are what we eat,' the man was right. Nail health is a pretty strong indicator of your overall health, whether you realise that or not.

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If you have brittle nails that break easily or feel weak, it could be a sign of underlying health conditions or proof that your diet is missing some of the essential nutrients and vitamins. Our food intake has a direct impact on our health and nails. Incorporate these seven foods in your diet from today and, you’ll get stronger and longer nails before you even realise it.


Like other body parts, our nails require protein to grow as well. Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse. Egg protein is taken up quickly by the body and is highly digestive. They are a great source of vitamin D and contain biotin, which supports nail growth.


Salmon is full of health benefits. These pink fish contain micronutrients like zinc, biotin, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are light, healthy and have proved to be a good supplement for lush and stronger nails.


Blueberries are a rich source of antioxidants that protect our body cells from damage. They help in cell growth and their antioxidant properties secure the nails from chipping.

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A good bowl of oatmeal is chock full of B vitamins, zinc and copper. These micronutrients aid in healthy fingernails and bone maintenance. They also contain manganese and silicon, which promotes nail growth.


As per studies, if you consume beans in a balanced proportion, your nails can become up to 25% stronger. They are a rich source of protein and biotin and thus are a proven powerhouse for nail health.

Sunflower seeds

According to nutrition experts, sunflower seeds are the perfect antidote to weak nails. Enriched with manganese, vitamin E, B6, zinc and copper, they aid in nail growth and strength.

Coconut oil

Consuming coconut oil as a source of healthy fats can help our body absorb nutrients better. It is a rich source of vitamin A, D, E and K, which makes for an excellent team for nail growth.

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