15 Simple But Brilliant Wine Hacks Every Wine-Lover Needs To Know

From how to upgrade a cheap bottle of plonk to how to avert disaster when spillages strike - these are the hacks every wine-lover needs to know about.

Easy Wine Hacks

1. Ice cubes: Make wine ice cubes so that your vino is perfectly chilled but never watered-down

2. Cooking: You can also freeze leftover wine into ice cubes to use for cooking

3. Grapes: Another option is to freeze grapes then add it to your wine for extra colour and chill

4. Coffee filter: If the cork breaks then you can strain cork pieces out of your wine using a coffee filter

5. Key: Use a key as a makeshift corkscrew - just insert at an angle and twist to open

6. Paper towel: Chill room-temperature wine in a flash by wrapping it in a cold paper towel then place in the freezer for 20 minutes

7. Salt: Chill wine in 10 minutes by adding the wine in a bucket with salt, ice, and cold water

8. Storage: Make your non-sparkling wine last longer by storing it sideways in the fridge

9. Spread: To make a spread, mix 180 ml of red wine, 1 tbsp. of flour, and 1-2 tbsp. of butter in a small pan over medium heat then stir until it's thick

10. Remove stains: To remove wine stains, first blot with a dry paper towel then cover in salt and let it sit for an hour before dabbing the stain

11. Berries: Make your cheap wine seem fancy by adding some frozen berries to the glasses

12. Decanter: Disguise your cheap bottle of wine from your guests by pouring it into a decanter before putting it on the table

13. Cheat sheet: Make yourself sound super-cultured by taking a quick look at our wines cheat sheet

14. Lemonade: If your white wine is disappointing then top it off with sparkling water or lemonade to turn it into a white wine spritzer

15. Food pairings: Use a wine pairing wheel to make sure you choose the right bottle to go with your meal

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