Ingenious Nail Hacks That Every Nail-Obsessed Girl Should Know About

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  • Use the netting from an old loofah to get a fishnet nail look.
  • Use VapoRub to treat nail infections.
  • Soak your nails in water and white vinegar before painting. This will make the polish adhere better and prevent the dreaded bubbles.
  • Cut a sponge and place it in a jar then add nail varnish remover. This is a great way to remove your varnish without having to scrub it with a new cotton ball each time.

Dreaming of beautiful nails but not quite sure where to start? Our nail hacks will give you inspiration on how to create stunning manicures without the need for an expensive trip to the salon. Have a look through our gallery then get creative!

• mclean Mary Jo
Tutorial: The Perfect Nails For Valentine’s Day

Tutorial: The Perfect Nails For Valentine’s Day

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