15 Spooky Nail Art Ideas Just In Time For Halloween

  • Halloween nail-art / Source: Pinterest
  • Eye nail-art / Source: Pinterest
  • Bloody nail-art / Source: Pinterest
  • Zombie nail-art / Source: Pinterest
  • Witch nail-art / Source: Pinterest

Want to pimp your nails for your Halloween party? Here are 15 examples of some super-scary nail-art.

Want to stand out from everyone else with some crazy nail-art at your Halloween party?

Whether you are a pro or a novice in the field, we have selected a few examples that are within the reach of everyone.

For those who are not experts at doing nail-art, you can very well opt for a simple layer of white varnish with some spots of red varnish, or simply draw some black skulls.

Want some cute nail-art? Do not hesitate to apply orange varnish to your nails, with some drawings of small pumpkins for example.

For the more experienced you can very well create embossed nail-art with popping eyes or spider webs using pieces of string…

And now, it's your turn!

• Rob Mitchell
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