How To Get Rid Of Digestive Problems

How To Get Rid Of Digestive Problems
How To Get Rid Of Digestive Problems

Several people suffer from digestive problems but aren't quite sure what the best solutions are. Ohmymag has gathered a list of healthy foods that could help improve your digestive problems. Take a look at our photo gallery today!

Foods That Relieve Digestive Problems

1. Bone broth: Boil yourself some soup using beef bones. It's a simple way to improve your digestion, reduce inflammation, and prevent infections.

2. Ghee: Clarified butter will help stimulate your digestive system and helps you break down food.

3. Flax seeds: It's a great source of fiber and it contains healthy oils to aid with digestion.

4. Fermented vegetables: They are a high source for probiotics. They help break down and remove toxins from your body!

5. Kombucha: If you aren't a big fan of fermented vegetables then try Kombucha. It has the same benefits.

6. Chia seeds: It's a rich source of nutrients and antioxidants. It's full of fiber which reduces inflammation and regulates your bowels.

7. Wild alaskan salmon: A high source of Omega-3 which acts as an inflammation agent.

8. Apples: A high source of fiber which helps lower inflammation and reduces your chance for heart problems.

9. Coconut oil: Consume more Coconut oil because it contains antimicrobial agents that improves your digestion and gives you an energy boost.

10. Courgette: It's full of nutrients and helps detoxify your body due to it's high fiber content and cleansing effect.

11. Papaya: This fruit contains enzymes called papin which helps improve your digestion and helps detox your body.

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