How Meghan Markle's Fashion Changed After The Engagement

  • Before: Meghan's see-through black dress looked very stylish on her.
  • Before: The peek-a-boo stomach dress was very sexy and stylish but now she will not be able to reveal that much skin in public.
  • Before: It would appear that Meghan loves showing off her legs with mini dresses right?
  • Before: A strapless dress surely compliments her upper chest/collarbone region.
  • Before: She's showing off a little chest with this white dress.

Meghan Markle's royal engagement will change her world forever including her fashion sense - from wearing mini dresses to knee high dresses or from wearing see-through tops to being fully covered. Ohmymag has put together photos of how Meghan's style changed before and after her engagement. Tell us what you think about her new look!

• mclean Mary Jo
The Same Girl In 11 Different Changing Rooms

The Same Girl In 11 Different Changing Rooms

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