Is Your Cat One Of The Most Beautiful Breeds In The World?

  • The Scottish Fold
  • An Angora cat, recognisable by its bushy fur
  • The Bengal cat with its distinctive spotted coat
  • An American Bobtail, a new breed from the United States
  • An Abyssinian cat

Take a look at our gallery for the most beautiful cat breeds in the world! 

Although most cats are of mixed breeds, those that are pure-bred have some very distinct characteristics. Here's our guide to some of the most beautiful cat breeds in the world.

1. Maine Coon: This long-bodied cat originates from the state of Maine in the United States. It's a particularly large breed - males can weigh up to 8 kilos. They can be recognised from their square snouts, plumed ears, large oval eyes, and long tails.

2. Birman: Contrary to popular belief, this is not an Asian cat, Birmans actually originate from France. Its name comes from a popular legend. The Birman is recognisable for its colorpoint fur, round head, large round eyes - which are always blue - and its ears which are almost as wide as they are high.

3. Ragdoll: Originating from the United States, its name has a surprising origin. When you hold a Ragdoll it goes as floppy as its namesake. You can recognise them from their colorpoint fur, the ruff of fur around the neck, their big blue eyes, and bushy tails.

4. Chartreux: They were on the brink of extinction after the Second World War but today Chartreux cats are one of the most popular breeds. Its distinctive characteristics include its short blue fur, its large head and gold or copper-colored eyes. Its ears point upright and are slightly rounded at the top.

5. Savannah: A direct descendant of the serval - a wildcat - which was bred with a domestic cat, the Savannah is a very large cat. Its shape is reminiscent of a lynx's but its coat is more like a leopard's. You'll recognise it from its large pointy ears. 

6. Siamese: The Siamese cat originates from Thailand and has evolved a lot over the years. Today, it is recognisable from its triangular head, blue almond-shaped eyes, and its large open ears, placed low on the head.  

7. British Shorthair: At the start of the 20th century, the British Shorthair was an honored cat across Europe. It was often bred with Persian cats. Today, the British Shorthair can be recognized by its large, round head, big eyes and small ears.  

8. Scottish Fold: As its name suggests, the Scottish Fold originates from Scotland. Its long-haired cousin is known as the Highland Fold. Its recognisable from its round eyes, and small ears which are always folded over towards the front.

9. Bengal: Very recognisable, the Bengal cat is a cross between a domestic cat and the Asian leopard-cat which gave it its distinctive coat. Its also recognisable from its triangular head and large wide-spaced oval eyes.

10. Persian: Originally from the UK, this breed of cat has often been modified to give it its very distinctive squashed head. We recognise it from its flat face, of course, but also from its very long hair and undercoat. Its tail is particularly bushy.

11. Exotic Shorthair: First bred in the United States in the 1950s, the Exotic Shorthair is a short-haired version of the Persian cat. It has similar characteristics to its cousin - most notably the flat face - but with thicker and much shorter fur.

12. Bobtail: There are two breeds of Bobtail - the American and the Japanese. Both types have a very short tail - in the Japanese Bobtail it is practically non-existent.  

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13. Munchkin: The Munchkin is a very recent breed, again from the United States. Its principle characteristic is its short legs which are similar to those of a Basset Hound.  

14. Abyssinian: The Abyssinian cat is one of the rare breeds that originates from Asia, although it doesn't come from Abyssinia. It is often said that it is the descendant of the sacred cats of Ancient Egypt. It has very large ears, amber almond-shaped eyes, and the longer hairs on its spine. 

15. Angora: Originating from Turkey, this cat is a very old breed. All long-haired breeds in Europe and America are descended from the Angora cat. We can recognise it from the ruff around its neck, its plumed tail, large almond-shaped eyes, and big ears.

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