The Desperate Housewives Kids Are All Grown Up And Here's What They Look Like Now...

After the series came to an end in 2012, what have the children from Desperate Housewives been up to? Find out what Andrew Van de Kamp, Parker Scavo, M.J Delfino and even the unforgettable Juanita Solis look like today.

The series Desperate Housewives was enormously successful since it started in 2004. And after eight seasons, Wisteria Lane’s daughters have since gone their separate ways.

But over the years, the characters had quite a few adventures! Suicide, hurricanes, death, betrayal, rivalry, lies… Their lives were never dull.

And in eight seasons, they also had… children! And even they had their own little adventures. Bree Van de Kamp’s children were quite a handful. Her daughter Danielle had a child while she was studying, and the character played by Marcia Cross made everyone believe it was hers. As for her son Andrew, he was homeless for a while and came out as gay which Bree found hard to accept.

They have grown up a lot!

At Lynette Scavo’s house, life wasn’t so quiet either! She had six children – but one died before birth. She also brought up the daughter that her husband had with another woman before they got married.

Susan had a daughter very young from her first marriage which she distanced herself from when she went to university. She also had a son with her second husband, Mike.

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Even Gabrielle Solis, the former model who said she would never have children, ended up having two daughters, Juanita and Celia. Check out the images below to see what the children from the series look like today!

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