Meet Debbie Wood: the most jealous woman in the world

Debbie Wood is so jealous that she’s made her boyfriend do lie detector tests! Despite her deep anxieties, the craziness and her unhealthy jealousy, they still ended up saying yes - but it’s a bit of an unusual wedding.

Diagnosed as suffering from Othello Syndrome, or Morbid Jealousy, this 42-year-old English woman, Debbie Wood, actually got married. But the couple already has quite a lot of history…

They met on Facebook and everything was going well, but Steve Wood was soon to discover Debbie’s flaw: extreme jealousy! He had already done a lie detector test a few times before they got married, and isn’t allowed to invite women to the house. There’re many conditions like this which he had to fulfil in order to get married to Debbie. He once claimed:

I love her and I hope to change her.

However, it was Debbie who made the change herself by making the change to become a plus-sized model. Wood explained to Closer magazine that her new career path has instilled confidence in herself and has allowed her to feel more comfortable in her relationship. The attention she gets even makes her husband jealous instead:

I want to shake off my reputation as a jealous woman. For the first time in ages, I feel good about myself, and as I’ve become more confident I can trust Steve more. He gets jealous of the attention I get – but that only makes me feel more secure.
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