Criminologist dubs Joanna Dennehy ‘most dangerous’ person he’s ever met

Joanna Dennehy killed three men and stabbed two others in 2013.

Joanna Dennehy dangerous
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Joanna Dennehy dangerous

There are few things that terrify us more than death. That being said, the thought of someone dying naturally is one thing - the thought of someone killing another person in cold blood is another. We’ve already spoken about the Scottish killer who got away with the murder of his wife for decades. Today, we’ll discuss a serial killer who targeted men.

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Joanna Dennehy killed and injured multiple men over a 10-day period in 2014. Criminologist Christopher Berry-Dee, who has met the likes of Ted Bundy - said that she is the ‘most dangerous’ person he has ever met.

Who is Joanna Dennehy?

Dennehy is one of four women to have ever received a whole life sentence, along with Rose West, Myra Hindley and baby murderer Lucy Letby. She killed three men in Peterborough - then traveled 140 miles to Hereford and attacked two dog walkers. Thankfully, these two victims, then 57 and 64, survived.

During her trial, Dennehy showed no regret. The judge presiding over her trail stated:

​​Within the space of ten days you murdered three men in cold blood. Although you pleaded guilty, you've made it quite clear you have no remorse.

Berry-Dee, who has met Ted Bundy, Rose West and the 'roadside strangler' Michael Ross, said:

She’s the most dangerous person I’ve ever, ever, ever come in contact with.

Joanna Dennehy’s mental decline

Berry-Dee is an expert when it comes to analysing the minds of serial killers. After Dennehy was jailed, she started exchanging letters with the criminologist and he assessed the workings of her psyche. He said:

Her letters were quite beautifully written and the spelling was perfect, flawless really.

Berry-Dee also revealed: ‘One of the detectives involved said to me, ‘You know she was hotwired to become a lawyer or something like that before she went off the rails.’

Berry-Dee continued, explaining:

The strange thing is that Dennehy had a really good start in life until she got involved with fairground workers and alcoholics and drink and drugs. I think it frazzled her brain.

She had two kids, but the criminologist said that she was ‘so cold’ she never even touched them; ‘she didn’t want anything to do with them’. Berry-dee said:

She treated men like dirt, using them. That’s a very dangerous woman.

At the end of her trial - as the judge added hat she was a ‘cruel, calculating, selfish and manipulative serial killer’ - Dennehy could be seen laughing and smirking.

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