Marriage proposal: This man proposed with a tattoo on his thigh

In a gesture of love as creative as it was unexpected, Joe Murray, a 33-year-old British barber and hairdresser, chose to propose to his beloved, Sara Graham with a daring proposal!

Proposal tattoo
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Proposal tattoo

In a world where marriage proposals are often romantic and touching, Joe Murray, a 33-year-old British man, decided to inject a dose of originality into his proposal to his sweetheart, Sara Graham. Originally from Derbyshire, England, Joe, a barber by profession, planned a bold and unexpected gesture to seal their love. But what is Joe's idea?

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The idea matured over three long years

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More than three years ago, the young man had the idea of using a tattoo to propose to Sara. Over the years, he has nurtured this idea, wanting this moment to be memorable for both of them. He meticulously laid out his plan, seeking the help of an expert tattoo artist to bring his vision to life. And so he turned to Anthony Payne-Wright, owner of Liberty Ink Tattoo in Inkersall, to make it happen.

On the day of the proposal, Joe devised a clever ploy to surprise Sara. Under the pretext of a tattoo appointment, he drove her to the tattoo parlor, where a special atmosphere awaited her. With the staging skills of a director, Joe unveiled the tattoo to Sara, while the Pogues' song Love You 'Till the End filled the room with a moving atmosphere. To do this, he had his pants down over his ankles at the time of his proposal to reveal his tattoo, which is located at the top of his thigh. The tattoo, which measures 25 centimetres, features a cartoon version of the couple. It also features the words 'Marry me then...' above the 'yes' and 'no' checkboxes.

A moving response

Sara, surprised by this unexpected declaration of love, was deeply touched. Filled with emotion, she accepted Joe's proposal with tenderness and enthusiasm. By ticking the 'yes' box on her future husband's leg,she sealed their commitment with a gesture as symbolic as it was meaningful.

Speaking to Kennedy News & Media, quoted by the NY Post, the young woman confided:

The proposal was a shock. The fact that I was able to tattoo it myself made the moment special. It was a lovely moment and I will cherish it forever.

Anthony, the tattoo artist, was delighted to realise this unique wedding proposal. With eight years' experience, he has rarely had the opportunity to take part in such an original project. He explained:

It's not a tattoo I do every day, It's symbolic for them that she ticked the 'yes' box. When it comes to tattoos, I never rule anything out. There are so many weird and wonderful things out there, it's crazy. Any tattoo is possible.

A story shared with the world

After this enthusiastic response, the couple celebrated this special moment with a romantic dinner followed by an evening stroll hand in hand. They shared laughter and tears of joy, savoring the intimacy of their strengthened commitment.

Joe and Sara's story quickly captured media attention after photos of the proposal tattoo were shared on social networks. Internet users around the world were moved by the originality and love that marked this unique event. Warm comments and congratulations poured in from all over the world, testifying to the inspiring impact of this story.

A deep and sincere commitment

For Joe and Sara, this proposal tattoo is just the beginning of a new adventure. The two lovebirds have begun planning their wedding, discussing the details and dreams they share for their future together. Each step in their relationship, marked by creativity and passion, strengthens their bond and commitment to each other.

This commitment is not just symbolic, but deeply meaningful for Joe and Sara. They see this tattoo as proof of their enduring love and their desire to build a future together. Every time they look at this tattoo, they'll be reminded of that magical moment when they made the decision to commit to each other for life.

Numerous projects in the pipeline

proposal tattoo Janina Steinmetz / GettyImages

As Joe and Sara continue to move forward in their relationship, they look forward to the many possibilities that lie ahead. From traveling together to family adventures, they know their love will guide them through all of life's challenges and joys. Their strong commitment and deep connection are the foundations on which they will build their future together.

The story of Joe and Sara is much more than a simple marriage proposal. It's an epic love story, a modern saga of passion, creativity and courage. Their decision to mark their love in such a singular way reflects their deep desire to stand out, to live life to the full, and to embrace every moment with boldness and determination.

A love story worthy of a fairy tale

Ultimately, Joe and Sara's story is a celebration of love in all its forms. From the initial spark to the flame that now burns brightly, their journey together is a testament to the power of true, authentic love. May their story inspire other couples to pursue their own dreams and cherish every precious moment of their journey of love.

As Joe and Sara venture into their future together, they do so with confidence and hope. They know that whatever challenges lie ahead, their love will guide them through the storms and trials. Together, they'll build a bright future filled with happiness, togetherness and extraordinary adventures. Their story is the beginning of a never-ending adventure, a story of dreams to be realised and memories to be created. Joe and Sara have found love and inspiration in each other, and together they're ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. May their journey be filled with happiness, love and success, and may each day be a new chance to celebrate their love and commitment.

A promise of eternity

At the heart of their love story is a promise of eternity, a deep commitment that transcends time and space. Joe and Sara have chosen to love and support each other forever, no matter what the future holds. Their story is a vibrant testament to the power of true love and humanity's ability to find light even in the darkest of times.

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