This Is What Jessie J Wants You To Know About Her Misspelt Tattoo

She's one of the UK's most successful singer-songwriters, she's a much-loved judge on The Voice - oh, and she's dating Channing Tatum. But there's one big mistake that Jessie J has got etched permanently onto her body - and she's asking fans to give her a break about it.

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Having a bad tattoo is not all that uncommon - and being rich and famous certainly doesn't make you immune to the perils of a bad tat.

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When Channing Tatum's ex-girlfriend decided to get one of the lyrics to her 2011 song 'Who Are You' on her hip aged 18, she made one big mistake that she's still regretting today aged 31...

Jessie J is in good company though, as US singer Ariana Grande was also ridiculed last year when she accidentally got a tattoo of Japanese characters which read 'shichirin' meaning 'a small charcoal grill' on her hand - instead of the title of her hit single '7 Rings'.

It looks like Jessie is getting seriously sick of the comments about her tat nightmare though, as she's posted a scathing clap back to her Instagram account, accompanied by a scorching pic in a teeny tiny baby pink bikini that sent her fans wild...

Check out the video above to see exactly what she had to say!

Even celebs have terrible tattoos: here are some of the worst! Even celebs have terrible tattoos: here are some of the worst!