Man saves his wife's life when he spotted discolouration on her skin while making love

This man spotted a possible sign of cancer on his wife's skin as they were having an intimate moment on a quiet Sunday morning. He possibly saved her life.

man saves wife's life spots cancer sign while making love intimate couple health
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man saves wife's life spots cancer sign while making love intimate couple health

Sometimes, having sex can save your life. This was the case for Melanie Betteridge, whose husband Philip noticed something unusual as they were enjoying an intimate Sunday morning together. Indeed, he discovered what could be a sign of cancer on her skin, which eventually led to her getting a diagnosis only days later. Here's what happened.

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Philip noticed something unusual on Melanie's skin

As the couple were making love on a quiet Sunday morning, Philip noticed a 'discolouration' in his wife's intimate area, which went all the way to her inner thigh. Once they were done, he raised the issue and Melanie asked him to take a picture of it, as she had not checked her own vulva in a long time, not intimately anyway. She told the Mirror:

He's a very laid back guy and if he wasn't suspicious, he wouldn't have worried me. My natural response was 'can you take a photograph of it so I can see it?' He took the photo and I burst into tears because I knew something was wrong. I knew my own body and knew it wasn't good.

After seeing the picture, Melanie immediately booked an appointment with her GP, who urgently referred her to Kettering General Hospital's gynaecological unit.

Philip probably saved her life

Upon arriving at the hospital, doctors suspected she suffered from vulva cancer and had to perform four different biopsies to make sure. They then informed Melanie that she suffered from pre-cancer of the vulva, which would have evolved into a full-blown cancer had her husband not noticed the discolouration of her skin.

Without finding it, it would've turned. All my cells are right on the edge of cancer and could quite easily have progressed in a year or two.

Melanie Betteridge has decided to use her own experience to encourage other couples to spend some intimate times together, as your partner could notice some things you would not see on your own body.

I say to people if you don't have that kind of relationship, then use a mirror, use a camera, just make sure you check yourself, because if I'd have left this any longer, it could've spread to my lymph nodes and could've been so much worse.

Philip probably saved his wife's life as she had no idea something was going on. Melanie's goal is to spread awareness on the subject and get people to go to the doctor's.

I would've never known. I had no symptoms whatsoever. I feel incredibly blessed and lucky we caught it so early. It's changed my outlook on life.
I say to anyone now please go and get anything you're concerned checked out. It's an intimate area but it's only a minute or two of discomfort and awkwardness. Put your health first, the doctors see it every day.


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