Woman was taking a walk on the beach when she suddenly started sinking in quicksand

A popular beach in Maine, USA, has been plagued with quicksand. People are said to be swallowed by the sand quickly. Here's what you should do if you're ever stuck in quicksand.

woman walking beach Maine quicksand tips tricks
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woman walking beach Maine quicksand tips tricks

Quicksand is probably one of these childhood phobias that we grow out of, as it is rather rare. However, one very popular beach in Maine has seen a spike in reports of people getting trapped in quicksand, and understandably panicking.

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'I dropped like a rock'

On the first weekend of June 2024, Jamie Acord, a Maine resident, was enjoying a nice stroll on the Popham Beach State Park, a popular spot for locals, with her husband when she suddenly 'dropped like a rock' in the sand. Out of nowhere, she found herself hip-deep into quicksand. She screamed that she couldn't get out, and started to panic as the tide was coming up.

Jamie's husband fortunately managed to pull her out and they watched as the hole filled up with sand again and disappeared.

I couldn’t feel the bottom. I couldn’t find my footing.

The beach park manager told WGME CBS 13:

A few people have stepped in and gone up to their knees or ankles or their waist.

Storms over the winter filled the sand with water, turning some bits into quicksand. Park rangers have said they would put up signs soon, to warn visitors of the danger.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, here's what you should do if you find yourself stuck in quicksand.

What to do if you are stuck in quicksand

According to Business Insider, the worst thing you can do if you find yourself in quicksand is to panic. First of all, remember that contrary to what you see in the movies, it is impossible to drown in quicksand, you will never go under. In fact, most quicksand pools are actually a few feet deep at best. Also, humans can float in quick sand, as our body density is lower than that of the sand.

Whatever you do, do not ask someone to pull you out. The lower part of your body will become trapped while your top half is being pulled, which can be extremely dangerous. Try making small back-and-forth motions with your legs, which will loosen the sand. You can also lie on your back to wiggle your way out, which distributes your weight evenly on the sand.

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