These Celebs Aren't Afraid to Show Their Stretch Marks

These Celebs Aren't Afraid to Show Their Stretch Marks
These Celebs Aren't Afraid to Show Their Stretch Marks

Many female celebrities have decided to stop hiding their stretch marks and just embrace them.

You can get them on your chest, on your hips, on your butt, on your arms... Stretch marks can be found on different parts of the body. And although we often associate them with pregnancy, baby bumps aren't the only thing that can cause stretch marks to form on your skin.

They're actually caused by rapid stretching of the skin and can form as a result of weight gain or weight loss, as well as during puberty. Also, women aren't the only ones who get them. Although it is less common, some men also have them.

Stretch marks: anyone can get them!

Although many people are self-conscious about them, they're really not that big of a deal and should not be considered taboo. As such, many celebrities have decided to embrace them publicly by flaunting them in their Instagram posts or letting them shine in a photoshoot.

Beauty standards often make it hard for us to love our bodies, but these celebrities are proud of and embrace their imperfections, encouraging their fans to love themselves as they are. And an increasing number of brands are taking the plunge, using more "real" models and not editing out their stretch marks.

Celebs who flaunt their imperfections

Scars, marks on the body, imperfections, basically anything that doesn't meet beauty standards tends to be frowned upon in show biz. Even though many celebrities choose to undergo cosmetic procedures to change the way they look, there are many who would rather embrace all that they are unapologetically and turn their weaknesses into strengths.

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