3 new positions to have sex standing up

Having sex standing up helps couples to be more daring when it comes to trying new positions, increasing the pleasure of their sexual relations.

Having sex standing up is one of the most exciting and fun practices that every couple should experience. You may already know the trick of doing it 'against the wall' or in the 'doggy style' position.

However, there are other highly recommended positions that are probably familiar to you, but that you probably didn't know because of the name and the technique. We'll show them to you right away!

1. The Thai wheelbarrow

The man should stand upright and the woman should place herself face down on a surface, resting her legs on her partner's shoulders and placing her forearms forward so that they can both maintain their balance.

He will then take her legs and raise them a little and then initiate intercourse from behind. The thrusts will be short, but can be very intense and pleasurable.

2. The tight rope

This is another standing sex position that requires some physical ability. The man stands upright and holds his partner perpendicular to him, keeping her back to him. She will rest one hand on the ground and keep the other hand in the air, balancing while penetration takes place.

3. The visitor

This involves facing each other, standing upright, and approaching each other until your genitals are rubbing against each other. It may be necessary to bend your legs a little for maximum comfort, but nothing more. This position is very simple, but extremely exciting.

'Magic Mountain' is the new sex position to try out 'Magic Mountain' is the new sex position to try out