Your favourite sex position according to your zodiac sign

Original, bestial or tender, which sexual position is right for you according to your star sign? We tell you everything!


The liana. You feel in control, traditional and romantic. You can feel very protected in this position.


Do it in front of a mirror! You are focused on your appearance, you can see yourself in all your sweaty beauty in a mirror.


The wheelbarrow. You need challenge and adventure. You like to please your partner, you can indulge in submission.


The butter churner. You're on your back with your feet over your head so your partner can penetrate you deeply from above.


The butterfly. Dominant by nature, you make sure your partner is fully satisfied.


Doggy-style. This should be a moving exchange. You like the intense, animal-like nature of this position.


The lotus is a Kama Sutra position for maximum pleasure for two. How does it work? One person lies on their back and their partner sits on top. Then, you will wrap your legs around your partner's waist. You will then play with each other to help each other get up smoothly. It's a bit of an acrobatic exercise, so don't forget to breathe and above all, communicate!

This is the best sex position for your zodiac sign This is the best sex position for your zodiac sign