This unusual sex position will spice things up under the sheets

Do you want something new in bed? Why not try the so-called ‘brute’ position, which involves being in an unusual position.

You are happy and satisfied with your and your partner’s sex life, but sometimes you have the urge to try something new and exciting This is precisely what the so-called ‘brute’ position offers, which we present to you in these few lines.

A sort of reverse Amazonian position, in which the person penetrating is on top and in an unusual posture, to say the least, this position will definitely allow you to break the routine under the duvet, and why not discover new and totally unexpected sensations.

How to perform the ‘brute’ position

To properly perform this position, the penetrated partner should lie on their back and raise their knees towards their chest. The penetrating partner should kneel with their back to their partner and come and ‘sit’ astride their partner’s hips.

The goal is to lean the penis as far down as possible while squatting to gently start the penetration. Then the one penetrating can pace the penetration by continuing to squat up and down. Having trouble visualising this particularly difficult position? Click here for a little diagram that should help.

Beware of injuries

First of all, when you find yourself in this position: be careful. Because the ‘brute’ can easily cause injuries if you are not sufficiently flexible in your lower limbs. Moreover, this is not a position that offers much intimacy and romance to the two lovebirds, who have their backs to each other during the whole intercourse.

This position is certainly very original but not necessarily suitable for everyday lovemaking. Penetration cannot be very deep, and the penetrating partner will have to prefer short thrusts back and forth.

This article was translated from Gentside FR.

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