Missing French teen: Lina's best friend, Mélina, speaks out for the first time

Lina, aged 15, has been missing since 23 September. Her childhood best friend, Mélina, has opened up about the teenager's disappearance.

missing french teen Lina
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missing french teen Lina

It's a disappearance that's becoming more worrying by the day. Lina, 15, disappeared on September 23 on her way from her home to the train station in the town of Plaine. She is nowhere to be found.

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Several hypotheses

What happened to Lina? That's the question on everyone's lips. The young girl has been missing for 20 days now. She was supposed to meet her boyfriend, Tao, in Strasbourg to spend the day with him. But around 11:20 a.m., the teenager gave no sign of life and vanished a few minutes after several witnesses spotted her.

Since then, theories have been rife. Some think that Lina had a bad encounter, while others are convinced that her boyfriend had something to do with it. For her part, the young man's mother thinks the girl is injured somewhere.

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Lina was seen in a car with an acquaintance

For Mélina, her 22-year-old childhood friend, there is no doubt that Lina got into the car of someone she knew:

I can testify that Lina is shy and distrustful by nature. Two days before she disappeared, my boyfriend's father was driving home in his van when he saw her alone on foot by the side of the road in Saint-Blaise. He offered to give her a lift home, but she refused, even though she knew him by sight!

A resident of La Plaine told a journalist from Le Détective that he had seen Lina in a car that day:

When the car passed on the road, I saw Lina in the passenger seat. I know her, I often go shopping at Proxi where she works. I'd bet my life it was her. She smiled at me and said hello through the open window.

However, he claims not to have recognized the driver:

As they passed, he turned his head. I'd say it was a dark-haired boy with a short beard or goatee.

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Missing French teen: Video taken by Lina reveals the exact time when she disappeared Missing French teen: Video taken by Lina reveals the exact time when she disappeared