Missing French toddler: The possibility of a serial killer raised for the first time

Since July 8, 2023, two-and-a-half-year-old Émile has been missing. An investigation is underway, and many leads are being followed, including that of a serial killer.

missing French toddler Émile serial killer
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missing French toddler Émile serial killer

On October 18, French channel W9, broadcast a new edition of Enquêtes Criminelles presented by Nathalie Renoux. The popular crime show focused on the disappearance of Émile, the two-and-a-half-year-old boy who has been missing since July 8, 2023, in the village of Haut Vernet in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence region of France. In this program, a number of journalists revisited the case, which continues to be the subject of much discussion.

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Emile, victim of a serial killer?

Among the many leads raised in the latest issue of Enquêtes Criminelles, that of a serial killer was mentioned. Indeed, this case echoes the disappearance of Yannis in 1989. Journalist Michel Mary explained:

Obviously, the investigators made connections. They tried to check whether there was a link between these two disappearances.

Nicolas Deguin, another journalist, also spoke out about this new lead.

Do we have to imagine the presence of an individual who would have already struck at the end of the 1980s and who, after 30 years of absence, would have repeated at Le Vernet? It seems a bit far-fetched

As with Émile, no suspects have been arrested in connection with Yannis' disappearance.

Other avenues suggested

Thursday 18 October 2023, in the episode of Enquêtes Criminelles dedicated to Émile's disappearance, other leads were mentioned. While the journalists talked about a teenager from the village of Haut Vernet as a suspect, they also mentioned the possibility of kidnapping. In fact, two witnesses saw little Émile walking down the only road in the village of Haut-Vernet. These eyewitness enabled the gendarmes to investigate further, using their Saint-Hubert dogs to find out what might have happened to the child.

Thanks to these animals, investigators wereable to 'track from the start of the family property' and travel 'some fifty meters to the village washhouse', where Émile was last seen. According to a journalist who appeared on Enquêtes Criminelles, this could suggest that the little boy was kidnapped there by 'someone with ill intentions'.

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