Missing French toddler: Émile's uncle in the spotlight after 'angry' encounter with journalist

During an interview with a journalist, one of Émile's uncles lost his temper. Here's what we know.

One of Emile's uncles had a 'violent gesture' towards a journalist
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One of Emile's uncles had a 'violent gesture' towards a journalist

For ten days now, anguish and concern have been at their height in Le Vernet, the town where young Émile, aged just two and a half, disappeared from his grandparents' garden. Investigators have deployed considerable resources to find him, including exhaustive digs on almost 100 hectares of land.

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For their part, Émile's family found comfort in the Christian faith. Despite their discretion, the behaviour of certain members of the family is alarming... After Emile's father, it's now one of the boy's uncles who made the news.

A 'closed-off' family

According to Le Parisien, Émile's family have withdrawn to their hamlet of Haut-Vernet, which is now off-limits to visitors. The boy's father, meanwhile, is still an active member of Chrétienté-Solidarité, a Catholic association regularly described as 'fundamentalist and close to the far-right'. Its motto is 'God, family, country'.

While this new information comes as a surprise to many, neighbors and local residents had already commented on the father's strange behaviour during the search. Now we learn that another family member, Émile's uncle, made an inappropriate gesture to the press.

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An uncle with an aggressive temper

According to Le Parisien, the uncle in question became irritated with a journalist. The man then violently snatched his notebook from the hands of the newspaper reporter, who had obtained personal information from a local resident.

This incident testifies to the palpable tension surrounding this tragic case. Émile's family, already deeply affected by the disappearance of their child, also feels vulnerable to media attention.

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Missing French toddler: Everything we know about Émile's family Missing French toddler: Everything we know about Émile's family