Missing French toddler: Police are focusing their search on these 3 places in particular, here's why

Nearly 4 months later, Émile is still nowhere to be found, despite the mobilization of the gendarmes. To be more strategic, they decided to conduct their search in three well-chosen locations.

missing French toddler Émile police search
© Gendarmerie
missing French toddler Émile police search

Since July 8, 2023, the question remains: where is Émile? In the almost four months since the tragedy, the gendarmes have followed numerous leads, but the 2-year-old boy is still nowhere to be found.

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Recently, the home of a local farmer was searched twice in an attempt to find clues. To no avail. Divers also searched a lake in Haut-Vernet, the hamlet where the little boy disappeared, but nothing was found there either. So, to be more effective, the gendarmes decided to narrow down their search to three distinct and specific locations.

3 strategic locations

These revelations were made by Valeurs actuelles on October 26. The investigators in charge of the case have decided to operate more strategically, having closed all parallel leads. They have decided to enlist the help of dog teams, as they have already done several times since the disappearance of little Émile.

This time, Saint-Huberts, specialized in the search for odorous molecules in the soil, were mobilized. They set about their task in front of the famous Haut-Vernet fountain, but also towards the children's hut behind the family home, so coveted by Emile before he vanished into thin air. And finally, the main road down to Le Vernet. All points already inspected by the gendarmes in the past, to no avail.

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Winter in favor of the search

It's hard to believe, but there's always hope, especially with winter fast approaching. As François Daoust, former director of the Institut de recherche criminelle de la gendarmerie nationale (IRCGN), explains:

Without vegetation, the terrain appears in a different light, and it's quite common for bodies to be found at this time of year.

This means that investigators could discover nooks and crannies of a hitherto invisible nature.

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Valeurs actuelles

Missing French toddler: Results of neighbours' house search revealed by police Missing French toddler: Results of neighbours' house search revealed by police