Missing French Toddler: Expert says 'there's no point in looking anymore' 6 months after his disappearance

This Wednesday, January 10 2024, journalists from the French TV channel TF1 went to meet a professional who took part in the search for little Émile.

Emile disappearance
© French Gendarmerie
Emile disappearance

It's been six months now since little Emile vanished into thin air. On July 8, 2023, the two-and-a-half-year-old boy was playing in his grandparents' garden in Haut-Vernet when he disappeared. For months, investigators tried to find his whereabouts, searching nearby houses and questioning neighbors... in vain. His body has still not been found.

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This Wednesday 10 January 2024, TF1 journalists went to meet Father Michel Desplanches, rector of Notre-Dame du Laus, while Emile's deeply religious parents paid their respects in the chapel at Saint-Etienne-le-Laus (Hautes-Alpes).

Sad confidences

Father Michel Desplanches said:

A lot of people come up here and take a moment of prayer in front of the photo of little Émile. A child really is innocent. How can you attack a toddler like that?

TF1 also interviewed Samuel, a professional droner called in by the police to fly over the woods. He stated:

Everyone keeps coming up to Le Vernet, but as far as I'm concerned, there's no point in looking around anymore. There were over 300 volunteers on the scene, so I think we would have found him. In fact, it's a sure thing.
It's a burden, especially as the people in the village are tired. Some people come just out of curiosity.

'There's no point in looking around anymore'

TF1 also gathered testimonies from residents of neighboring Haut-Vernet. And six months after Emile's disappearance, there is still a great deal of concern.

One mother said:

I don't let my children go out alone anymore. Even in the garden, I'm always with them.

Another neighbor added:

Not a day goes by without talking about Emile. It's scary. Me, my grandchildren, when they come, I don't let them go.

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Missing French Toddler: Neighbours shocked by Émile's parents' reaction to his disappearance Missing French Toddler: Neighbours shocked by Émile's parents' reaction to his disappearance