Missing French teen: Lina's boyfriend's mother believes the teenager is hurt 'Lina's legs were injured'

Since the disappearance of 15-year-old Lina, many hypotheses have been put forward as to her whereabouts. Most recently, it was Tao's mother who shared hers.

missing french teen Lina boyfriend
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missing french teen Lina boyfriend

Lina has been missing for over two weeks now. The teenager was supposed to meet her boyfriend Tao in Strasbourg, but disappeared on her way to the train station near Saint-Blaise-la-Roche, Alsace, on September 23. Since then, an investigation into her disappearance has been opened, and numerous searches are underway.

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Was Lina injured before her disappearance?

Since Lina's disappearance, many people have been trying everything to find her. This was particularly the case for Tao, the teenager's boyfriend, five years her senior. He went to look for her in an old garage in Saint-Blaise-La-Roche, Bas-Rhin. It was during this search that the young man lost his cell phone.

And Tao's search of this former garage was no accident. According to Le Figaro, he followed his mother's hypothesis, which she put forward on Sunday September 24, 2023 when she was at the home of Lina's mother, Fanny, to take part in the search. According to her:

Lina's legs were injured and she was in a disused house or factory within a 20-kilometre radius.

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Tao's cell phone analyzed by investigators

A few days after Lina's disappearance, Tao managed to recover his cell phone, which had fallen into a manhole, with Lina's mother Fanny. The phone ended up in the hands of the investigators, who decided to analyze it, hoping to obtain a clue to help find the teenager.

A source close to the investigation told Le Figaro:

The use of his phone is perfectly normal, given that he is part of the missing woman's close circle.

On October 2, the Strasbourg public prosecutor's office announced in a press release:

At this stage, no charges have been brought against anyone, and no leads have been ruled out or favored.

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Missing French teen: This is why the police seized Lina's boyfriend's phone Missing French teen: This is why the police seized Lina's boyfriend's phone