Missing French teen: Mayor claims he saw Lina on the day she disappeared 'She was walking strangely fast'

Missing for 13 days, Lina is the main preoccupation of her village. The former mayor, Jean-Marc Chiron, has revealed that he ran into her just before she disappeared.

missing French teen Lina disappearance
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missing French teen Lina disappearance

As the days go by, 15-year-old Lina is still missing. A tragedy that has plunged the residents of Plaine, where she lives, into unbearable pain since September 23, the day she disappeared. On Sunday, October 1ᵉʳ, the investigation took a new direction, leaning towards 'kidnapping or confinement lasting more than seven days'. The public prosecutor in Strasbourg, where the investigation has been transferred, has clearly raised the possibility of foul play, announcing the implementation of 'long-term investigations'.

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While witness statements continue to be collected, the commune's former mayor, Jean-Marc Chiron, claims to have seen the teenager on the day she disappeared.

'I saw her walking on the sidewalk'

Jean-Marc Chiron told BFMTV and then Le Nouveau Détective that he had seen Lina:

I passed her walking on the side of the road. I was on a building site before going home to get a tool. I spotted her walking along the pavement, phone in hand, as if she was taking a selfie.

These revelations could help move the investigation forward, especially as one detail did not escape the former mayor's notice.

I thought she was walking really fast.

When he returned a few minutes later, the teenager was gone.

Hitchhiking or not, I don't know.

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Lina's relatives on the trail of a car

While investigators have searched several vehicles, the former mayor's testimony seems to support the view already held by those close to Lina. Like Sarah, one of the teenager's friends, who confided that she was convinced she had been 'abducted in a car (...) by someone she knows.'

This theory is shared by Lina's mother, Fanny, and concurs with Robert's revelations. This Plaine resident also claims to have seen the teenager.

She waved as she passed, in a dark car. She had a normal attitude, as I've always known her. She didn't look worried, didn't show any signs of distress or anything.

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