Missing French teen: New theory involves a middle-aged woman who 'had a hold' on Lina

Since September 23, 15-year-old Lina has remained missing, despite the efforts of investigators to find her. A new hypothesis suggests the involvement of a woman who 'had a hold on Lina'.

missing French teen Lina new theory manipulation psychic
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missing French teen Lina new theory manipulation psychic

She's been missing for over a month, and the investigation is making no progress. Lina, 15, was supposed to join her boyfriend Tao on Saturday September 23 when she vanished into thin air. To do so, she had to walk three kilometers from her home in Plaine to the train station in the Bas-Rhin region. She was then due to take the train to Strasbourg, but never arrived at her destination.

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Since then, those close to her have been wondering: where has Lina gone? While several leads have been investigated by the investigators, those closest to her are convinced that the young girl got into the vehicle of someone who had kidnapped her. For Jean-Didier, a paranormal medium who has studied the case closely, the solution lies in this direction, with new details.

The culprit is said to be 'a middle-aged woman'

This Thursday, October 26, 2023, the psychic shared his hypothesis with our colleagues on the Planet website. According to him, Lina did indeed get into a car.

I think she knew the person. She wasn't taken by force from what I'm picking up, there was no violence, she went into that vehicle in good faith.

But for him, the person on board was not a man, as the investigators may have thought.

Since the beginning of this story, my spiritual guides have been directing me towards a woman who could have a role in this affair (...) a mature woman, not a teenager, between 40 and over 50.

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'She had a hold on Lina'

Jean-Didier explains:

She's a woman who I think knew Lina well and had a certain hold over her.
I have the impression that she played an important role, in sponsoring the operation. She gives orders, explains how to do things, what to do.

Elements that could give the investigators food for thought. Especially since, according to the expert, the teenager is still safe and sound.

I feel the energy of someone alive. But something about her speaks to me of sexuality.
I don't feel any perversity about it. There's almost a notion of acceptance by Lina. She's not forced, she may have taken it as a game, an experiment, an initiation. Maybe she'd been thinking about it for some time.

For Jean-Didier, the young girl needed to 'know who she is', away from everyone else. The medium is convinced: the mystery should be solved 'before the end of the year'. Whether you believe it or not, there have been times when psychics' intuition has proved true...

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Missing French teen: Lina, 15, declared missing as her parents launch a call for witnesses Missing French teen: Lina, 15, declared missing as her parents launch a call for witnesses