Missing French teen: Man sent GPS coordinates to Lina's family telling them where to find her

Weeks went by and still no news of Lina. It was enough to interest many psychics, including this man, who was convinced he had found the 15-year-old's whereabouts.

missing French teen Lina man convinced find her
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missing French teen Lina man convinced find her

Lina, aged 15, has been missing since September 23. She disappeared after leaving her home in Plaine, in the Bruche valley (Bas-Rhin), at around 11:15 that day. She had planned to join her boyfriend Tao, and to do so, she had to walk three kilometers to reach the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche train station. Then she had to take a train to Strasbourg.

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The teenager never arrived at her destination and, three weeks later, the investigation is stalled. It's enough to interest the many psychics in the area. And after analyzing what they had to say, this man was convinced he had clues to Lina's whereabouts.

'In a squat by the water'

He spoke to Le Nouveau Détective. He claims to have heard, from a medium, that the young girl might be in 'a youth squat, near the water'. Enough to give this local resident pause for thought.

When I heard that, I immediately thought of what we call 'Poutay beach' here.
I sent the GPS coordinates to Lina's family. I don't know if they've been there, but I understand they're not ruling out any leads.

Indeed, for the time being, no serious hypothesis has been put forward as to Lina's disappearance, and every hunch is a good one for the investigators.

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Will the psychics find Lina?

As a reminder, mediums have also been interested in the case of little Emile's disappearance in recent months. Since July 8, the little boy has been nowhere to be found in Haut-Vernet, where his family lost track of him.

The day after the tragedy, a group met via TikTok to go to the hamlet and start searching. This initiative outraged Internet users, but unfortunately came to nothing.

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Le Nouveau Détective

Missing French teen: Expert claims 'there is still hope' of finding Lina alive Missing French teen: Expert claims 'there is still hope' of finding Lina alive