Missing French teen: Video taken by Lina reveals the exact time when she disappeared

Two weeks after Lina's disappearance, a video of the last person to see her reveals a detail that may help the investigation.

missing French teen Lina
© Gendarmerie
missing French teen Lina

Lina has been missing since September 23. The teenager vanished between her home and the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche train station, where she was due to catch a train to Starsbourg. An appeal for witnesses was launched, as well as an investigation into the disappearance of a minor. This Sunday, September 8, Le Parisienprovided a major clarification on the case. It concerns the testimony of the village's former mayor, Jean-Marc Chipon.

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An even shorter time span

He had reported seeing the girl pass in front of his house at 11.15am, then seeing her again less than ten minutes later in the opposite direction. However, thanks to the CCTV cameras in front of his house, he realized that he had miscalculated.

I was only at home for a minute. It takes two to get to the road, which means that I passed Lina at 11.20am, and by 11.25am she had already vanished.

It was around 11.20am that Lina disappeared from the scene, sending a video of her outfit to her boyfriend Tao. Jean-Marc Chipon came across her right at that moment, as he reported seeing her with her cell phone in hand. But at 11:22, her phone stopped transmitting. So what happened to the 15-year-old girl happened in a very short space of time. Further videos from surveillance cameras may help to advance the investigation.

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Using other CCTV could help

Captain Marc Rollang explained:

Often, they spill out onto the sidewalk, a stretch of street. But since it's illegal, these interesting witnesses won't come forward on their own. We can imagine that the investigators will go door-to-door to determine who has them, which cameras are filming the street and that, on all the roads irrigated from Plaine.

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Source : Le Parisien

Missing French teen: Police investigating murder from a week before Lina's disappearance Missing French teen: Police investigating murder from a week before Lina's disappearance