Missing French teen: Police investigating murder from a week before Lina's disappearance

Lina, aged 15, has been missing since September 23. Investigators are also intrigued by another tragedy that occurred a few days earlier.

missing french teen lina search murder
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missing french teen lina search murder

Lina, 15, mysteriously disappeared on September 23 as she was on her way to the Plaine train station to spend the day in Strasbourg with her boyfriend, Tao.

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Was Lina kidnapped?

The teenager is still nowhere to be found. Despite searches of a pond and the testimony of several people who claim to have seen her a few minutes before she vanished, no trace of the girl has been found.

The most likely theory at the moment is a kidnapping. Lina may have been forced into a car, or may have got in of her own free will. According to her best friend, Mélina, Lina would never get into a stranger's car. Another witness claimed to have seen the teenager that day in a car with a man she seemed to know, but it has not yet been possible to identify this person.

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Another tragedy

While the investigation doesn't seem to be making much headway, Le Nouveau Détective recently revealed that investigators are keeping a close eye on another tragedy that took place just a few days before Lina's disappearance, and only a few kilometers away.

On September 14, hikers in the forest some 50km from Plaine discovered the lifeless body of a man lying across the path. The man had been shot several times. In the absence of witnesses and evidence, no one knows what happened to the 51-year-old teacher, who was known to have never had any problems, demons or otherwise, in his life. On September 23, the victim's funeral took place at the same time as Lina's disappearance. Could the two cases be linked? For the time being, there's no way of knowing, but the two tragedies occurred at the same time and in the same area.

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Le Nouveau Détective

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