These are the sex-positive TV shows you need to watch!

We've got the guide to help you find your next binge-worthy sex-positive TV show on Netflix!

These are the sex-positive TV shows you need to watch!
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These are the sex-positive TV shows you need to watch!

Looking for a new TV series that takes on sex in a surprisingly fresh manner? Whether you want to squirm with awkwardness or be seduced by scandal, look no further than these groundbreaking shows, all currently available on Netflix!

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Sex Education

There are no sex-positive TV shows on Netflix quite like Sex Education. This British TV series, starring the likes of Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, and Emma Mackey, throws you head first into the heated awkwardness of navigating your sexual awakening as an adolescent. Following the dynamic partnership between two 16-year-olds named Otis and Maeve, who decide to charge their friends for sexual guidance, the show addresses sex education from a very inclusive perspective (the lack of which in schools is widely lamented in the show), and talks about masturbation, vaginismus, abortion, pubic lice, and LGBTQ relationships in a frank, sometimes graphic, yet always hilarious manner.


Catering to a slightly older audience, Wanderlust tells the story of married couple Joy and Alan as they seek to repair their marriage outside of their relationship. No less awkward at times than Sex Education, Wanderlust explores the themes of open marriages and non-monogamy, as well as masturbation, couples therapy, and the power dynamics created by sex. Even though it's slow-burning, this look at contemporary marriage has an openness to the unconventional that is unmatched by many TV shows, making it one of the most reflective sex-positive TV shows currently on Netflix.

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Big Mouth

Profane yet profound, Big Mouth is an animated 'coming of age' story tackling the difficulty of growing up. But don't be fooled, this is not for kids! Graphic, grotesque, but oh-so gripping, the show primarily focuses on the difficulties of puberty, but also widens its reach to discuss body positivity, shame, consent, and the different expectations faced by each gender. As entertainment reporter Chris Osterndorf writes, 'its ability to tackle the sexually taboo is insanely good, making it an absolute must-watch.'


This Chicago-based sitcom follows the (mostly separate) lives of a group of friends each tackling different problems life has thrown at them. Although not as overtly sex-positive as some TV shows listed above, Easy seeks to de-stigmatise sex whilst navigating complex adult relationships in the humorous manner of a modern-day rom-com.

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