Prince George: Expert believes the royal may join the army when he grows up, just like Prince William

Prince George will one day become the King but the journey to that day is a long one. From boarding school to a potential career in the army, here’s what he may have to look forward to.

Prince George Prince William army
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Prince George Prince William army

Every family has traditions and so does the Royal Family. From rules they have to follow in everyday life, to big events like the coronation and more—the British Royal Family is loaded with traditions that each one of them has to follow. One of the many traditions included serving in the army. Over the years, many royals including Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles, Princess Anne - who is the monarch’s right-hand woman and Prince Andrew have served in different armed forces.

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Even Prince William and Prince Harry have served in the army and the next generation of Royals are also expected to join the army eventually.

Prince George predicted to join the army like Prince William

A recent documentary released this week titled The Future of the Monarchy has also touched upon the possibility that Prince George would join the army eventually.

Journalist Ashley Pearson appeared in the documentary and shared that Prince George - who will have King Charles as his mentor - is also going to join the army like his father. Ashley said:

I think it is very much a sure thing, that whatever sons, William has, will certainly join the Army.
That has been a royal tradition going back centuries, and something that both William and Harry loved and seemed to get a lot out of.

This comes after an insider previously revealed that Prince George wishes to be just like his father as he may also go to Eton just like him. However, it was later revealed that the Wales couple is looking for a different school for him.

Despite being a Royal Family tradition, Prince George may not be heading to a boarding school and that is all thanks to Kate. Ashley pointed out how Kate Middleton didn’t grow up in a royal household or a ‘family where children were sent away at age six to boarding school.' She added that Kate may find the Royal tradition very difficult to follow and hence they may eradicate it altogether.

Prince William’s service in the army

However, being in the army may be something that Prince George may have to follow. Prince William completed his studies at university and enlisted in the army when he was 24 years old whereas Prince Harry did not go to university and enlisted in the army at age 20.

According to Newsweek, Prince William completed a 44-week training course before he was commissioned as an army officer in December 2006. He then joined the Household Cavalry (Blues and Royals) as a second lieutenant. He commanded a troop of four Scimitar armoured reconnaissance vehicles and was promoted to the rank of lieutenant the following year.

In 2009, Prince William joined the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. Before joining the Air Force, he trained to be a search-and-rescue pilot and later became Flight Lieutenant Wales. In 2010, he joined C Flight, 22 Squadron at RAF Valley in Anglesey as a search-and-rescue pilot and spent three years in the role. The future King took part in 156 search-and-rescue operations and eventually became an operational captain. Following his operational duties with the armed forces, Prince William later retrained to be an air ambulance pilot and worked for the East Anglian Air Ambulance from March 2015 until July 2017.

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